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> The Cubs Have the Most Horizontal Pitch Movement in Baseball

With a lot of asterisks

> Cubs Statcast Tidbits: Hoerner Hits It Hard, Hendricks Induces Whiffs, and Roberts Spins It Well

Three Statcast tidbits from the Cubs' first series of the season

> Cubs Seek Relief

The Cubs' bullpen has improved after a rough start, but still has one glaring weakness

> Debut Review: Kyle Hendricks

Looking back at some MLB and Cubs debuts

> Cubs Mount Rushmore

Who belongs on a "Mount Rushmore" for the Epstein-era Cubs?

> The Next Five Years of Cubs Baseball, Simulated

There's no real baseball, but there is fake baseball

> 2020 Cubs Season Preview

What's in store for the 2020 Cubs?

> Early Spring Training Notes

Observations and thoughts from the first games of spring

> Early 2020 Cubs Roster Predictions

Who will make the Cubs' Opening Day roster?

> Three Players the Cubs Can't Win Without

Which players could save or sink the Cubs' season?

> The Cubs Hope Spin Class Pays Off

Examining the Pitch Lab's new class of students

> Part-Time, Full-Time

Which part-time 2019 Cubs could perform well in increased playing time?

> Statcast Says Báez Baseball's Best

How do Cubs infielders fare in Statcast's new defensive metric?

> Quintana, Dwindling Free Agents, and Donaldson

Three thoughts on the Cubs from the holidays

> The Rumored Ask for Bryant Makes Sense

Trading Bryant still feels like a weird move, though

> A 2020 Cubs Bullpen Primer

The bullpen was a weak point for the Cubs in 2019. What will it look like in 2020?

> The Math of a Kris Bryant Trade Doesn't Add Up

Teams don't trade prospects like they used to, and Kris Bryant is worth more

> The Most Interesting Non-Tendered Players

A group of interesting players became free agents at the non-tender dealine. Who should the Cubs consider picking up?

> That Trent Grisham Trade

Breaking down the Padres and Brewers trade from last week

> Finding the Next Pomeranz

Drew Pomeranz is the latest starter-turned-reliever. Who else could benefit?

> Recalibrating the Stove

Adjusting the Hot Stove when it comes to the Cubs' offseason goals

> The Cubs May Need to Make a Big Trade

And it could involve Willson Contreras

> What a Game It Was

Reflections on the last baseball game of the year

> A Cubs Free Agent Shopping List

Profiling free agents that could make sense for the Cubs

> Theo vs. the Juiced Ball

Also: A Bummer season and a Cubs leaderboard update

> Please, No More Extra Innings

Also: Tyler Chatwood keeps getting better

> Breaking Up the Big Four?

Also: A disappearing fastball and Alex Bregman's monster months

> The Gio Effect

Plus: A newly-crafted curveball and an underrated MVP race

> Are the Cubs Good?

Also: A submariner and thoughts on the NL Cy Young race

> The Case for Keeping Hottovy

Also: An intriguing Reds reliever and reinforcing the greatness of Trout

> Yu Darvish Threw a Chatwood

One effectively wild Cubs' acquisition brings to mind the unique season of another

> Cubs Splurge on Whiffs

Why did the Cubs pay Craig Kimbrel?

> Tyler Chatwood Is a Reliever Now

The Cubs starter is drawing attention in his new bullpen role

> Why I Love the Changeup

An ode to a pitch that fights modern trends

> Let's Watch Dillon Maples Make People Uncomfortable

Cubs reliever Dillon Maples has a frightening fastball and slider mix

> Jose Quintana Is Sinking His Way to Success

Jose Quintana is reinforcing the idea that trading for him was worth it

> Matthew Boyd Is Turning Himself Into a Trade Candidate

One piece of the David Price deal is finally breaking out

> Josh Hader Isn't Throwing His Best Pitch

Why isn't one of baseball's best relievers throwing his best pitch?

> Spring Outliers

Which players have changed their projections the most this spring?

> The Pace of Youth

Is there a correlation between service time and player pace?

> Strategy in Games that Don't Matter

Some words about spring-training strategy

> Variance and Pitcher Performance in 2018

What is the effect of velocity consistency between outings on pitcher peformance?